About Us

The Happy Van is the realization of a daring dream, shaped by decades of distinct experiences. Paulo, with a solid 20-year career in the banking sector, and Gorete, following a passionate path in photography, joined forces to create something truly unique.

Our inception in 2018 was marked by the iconic vintage vans that have become symbols of our tours and events. Paulo, leaving behind a career in banking, and Gorete, with her passion for photography, brought a unique combination of skills and determination.

Initially, the vintage vans were our vehicles of choice, creating authentic and unforgettable experiences for our visitors.

Over the years, we have evolved. Today, we preserve the nostalgia of the vintage vans for special events, while our tours are conducted in vehicles with a lower environmental impact. This change reflects our commitment to sustainability, a conviction that goes beyond words to tangible actions.

From the banking sector to photography, from the vintage vans to more eco-friendly vehicles, the Happy Van is a testament to our adaptability and dedication to the Algarve.

We, Paulo and Gorete, form a team that embraces passion, experience, and determination to create lasting memories.

Join us on this unique journey, where authenticity and sustainability are guided by our passion for the Algarve.

Happy Van: Happiness is a Journey!

Gorete Matias

Imagine a fearless soul, an untiring adventurer whose eyes reflect the essence of nature, shifting between the warm tones of almond and olive. This is Gorete Matias.

Leading Happy Van, Unipessoal Lda, Goete plays multiple roles: host, guide, driver, and much more, she excels as a master of food styling and creative photography, always immersed in a sea of creation that pulses in her heart. Known also as Go, from a young age, she developed a passionate love for good food and wine, symbols of rich Portuguese culture. Cooking for others became a love that blossomed between the ages of 14 and 16, in a lively home with six sisters and one brother, her first "guests".

Today, her creations like carob salami and pumpkin jam are stars at food and wine events, winning hearts and palates wherever they go.

From an early age, Gorete dreamed of becoming a distinguished entrepreneur in the arts. Her goal has always been to offer unique experiences and moments of relaxation, accompanied by good food, good wine, and excellent company. For her, these are the perfect ingredients to create unforgettable memories.

Education and Experience:

- Training in Digital Marketing and Multimedia
- TP Course: “Portuguese Wine, a Guided Tour”
- EVIVA Training: “Algarve Wines”
- Tourist Entertainer in wine, gastronomy, and nature activities at Happy Van, Unipessoal Lda
- Designer and photographer in the cultural project “Roadart”
- Videographer for the documentary “Alcaide em Sons”
- Co-producer of cultural projects and the project “Things”
- Creative in the GoHappy project
- Former member of the presidency of an institution that hosts young people with disabilities

Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira, a born artist, lives the intensity of each moment with a palpable passion.

Leading Happy Van, Unipessoal Lda, Paulo plays multiple roles: guide, musician, driver, and much more. Known as Curi in the music scene, his resume is a rich tapestry of musical projects like Longa Metragem, Banda Jota, Letras d’Ouro, The Curimakers, and his solo career.

After a long career as a commercial coordinator in banking, Paulo sought a radical change in his life, wholeheartedly embracing this cherished tourism project.

Education and Experience:

- Degree in Business Management
TP Course: “Portuguese Wine, a Guided Tour”
- EVIVA Training: “Algarve Wines”
- Tourist Entertainer in wine, gastronomy, and nature activities at Happy Van, Unipessoal Lda
- Co-producer of the show “(A)Prender-me no Algarve”
- Co-director of the musical documentary “Alcaide em Sons”
- Curator of the cultural project “Roadart”
- Co-producer of the project “Things”
- Musician, author, composer, and performer